Battle of the Maroons

Ananda vs Nalanda

Welcome to Battle of the Maroons - Ananda vs Nalanda

Welcome to the web site of the “Battle of the Maroons”, an exclusive website launched in 2010, the year in which this historic cricketing encounter was played for the 82nd time.

Nalanda having come into existence as an off shoot of Ananda in 1924, a "Big Match" was initiated between the two brotherly schools with the aim of building relations between students of the two institutions and developing their cricket in the sporting arena. Thus the first Battle of the Maroons was played between Ananda and Nalanda in 1924.

Soon the Big Match began to be played with much pride and fanfare and became the most awaited and cherished event for all those connected with both schools. A fine tradition was built over the decades while the cricketing abilities of both schools grew surpassing other cricket playing schools in the Island. The Battle of the Maroons gradually became a symbol of the brotherhood between Ananda and Nalanda that has been unique in a country where many schools try to outdo their counterparts.

Since the 1970's the Battle of the Maroons has blossomed to become the most productive schools cricket encounter in the Island producing National Cricketers of extraordinary talent and cricketing intellect. Two of the most noteworthy cricketers, the Maroons have produced, that have brought glory to Sri Lanka Cricket are Bandula Warnapura of Nalanda - the first Test captain and Arjuna Ranatunga of Ananda - the captain of the world cup winning team of 1996. This is only a glimpse of the contribution that the two schools have made to Sri Lanka Cricket as they continue to provide the largest contingent of players to the Sri Lankan National Cricket squad.

A Joint Organising committee representing leading personalities from the two schools was formed in 2009 under the banner “Battle of Maroons” with the blessings of His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapaksa. This annual cricketing encounter will now continue to be organised jointly by this committee , thus demonstrating the brotherhood of these two leading Buddhist schools in Sri Lanka.

This web site celebrates the Battle of the Maroons and is meant to contain everything related to the Big Match between Ananda and Nalanda. It hopes to take the rich traditions and the memories of this historical cricket encounter to all the “maroons” whether they are laced with silver or gold , across all borders through the cyber space.

Thus it will be your gateway to Battle of the Maroons!