Battle of the Maroons

Ananda vs Nalanda

34th Battle of the Maroons

Ananda Captain

Nihal De Silva

Victory or defeat he is not bothered the least.His best he will do till his last ball released.As a skipper he is great as a catcher he is our best. Oh Gosh! His pace bowling -- This is only a jest.

Oval Grounds


The 34th battle of the maroons ended in a draw.

Nalanda Captain

Gnaneendra Samaratunga

Skipper Gnana, who's a stylish for his brillant century - take off your hats. Bowls and fields with equal skill. Will lead us to victory - he certainly will.

Ananda Team

Top row(left to right)
Nihal De Silva, D. Siriwardana, G. Zoysa, D. Pathirawithana, P. Fernando, A.G. Perera

Bottom row(left to right)
L.Weerasooriya, B. Perera, T de Silva, K. Malalasekara, N. Jayasinghe, H. Kularatne

Nalanda Team

Top row(left to right)
G.Samaratunga,S. Kalpage, M.Bogalagama, Paul Peries, A. Abeysekara, N de Silva

Bottom row(left to right)
S. Peries, L.S. Jayawardane, C de Alwis, W.K Seneviratne, L. Yapa, B.C Tennekoon